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TF-Storage is established under the auspices of the TERENA Technical Programme to provide a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience and knowledge, as well as fostering collaborations among National Research and Education Networks and academic and research institutions on the topic of data storage, data management and cloud storage.

TF-Storage website:

Mailing list:

The task force is chaired by Maciej Brzezniak (PSNC), the TERENA secretary is Peter Szegedi.

TF-Storage is active in the following Work Items:

A) Forum for storage and cloud:
Organize interesting talks with speakers both from within and outside the TF-Storage participants to disseminate storage and cloud knowledge and expertise.
Coordinated by , Jan Meijer, UNINETT and Maciej Brzezniak, PSNC

B) Overview of (national) activities and deployments:
Gather information on relevant projects, activities and deployments and publish on the TF-Storage wiki on an ongoing basis, providing a technology watch function.
Led by Brian Boyle, HEAnet

C) File sharing services:
Coordinate the development and deployment of the (web based) file sharing software: FileSender.
Coordinated by Jan Meijer, UNINETT

D) Measuring storage performance:
Maintain the storage performance measurement cookbook and investigate a cookbook for doing solid measurements on storage performance.
Led by Maciej Brzezniak, PSNC

E) Storage and AAI:
Liaise with the TF-EMC2 on the ongoing work to use NREN AAI federations with storage services. The TF-Storage will not work on solving the problem but will assist the TF-EMC2 in its efforts.
Leif Johansson (SUNET) offered to liaise with various AAI communities

F) Useful links:

Stressing in I/O in modern servers:

Cloud Legal Project:





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